The Fitzsimmons Family Dog Park just opened in the fall, but is temporarily closed for the time being.
Wheeling City Manager Robert Herron received a notification last night that a dog had been injured by glass that was on the surface of the dog park.
The owner said her 1-and-a-half-year-old pitbull-boxer mix came home from the dog park limping. She wrote all four pads are sliced open and he is in a good bit of pain.
The owner said there is some glass on the ground and believes that is what injured their dog.
Herron said the dog park did have a little bit of glass in it when it was under construction, so crews picked all of it up, and then topsoil was added, but through the winter season, some of the glass that may have been there could have come up.
He said the dog park will be closed as a precaution, and will be closed until further notice.