After passing a medical services levy in November, Saline Township will soon be seeing better service and a quicker response time from the Saline Township Emergency Medical Services.
Before April 1st, the Saline Township EMA ran on a partial staff of volunteers.
Since the levy passed and an additional $2.5 million dollars is going into the township, the EMA will be able to increase and pay a full-time staff making them ready to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Expanded service and more staffers also means a quicker response time to emergencies.
Until then, the EMA is doing a soft opening to get their employees ready for longer shifts and more calls within the 72 square miles they serve.
There are currently 18 people on staff, but around the clock coverage means an around the clock staff and they’re looking to hire.
If you’re interested in applying, email [email protected] or call (330) 532-2195.