Brooke County Sheriff’s Deputy Kristen Richmond is recovering after a fight with a suspect at Bethany College. The deputy initially responded to a call early Friday morning of a naked man throwing items out of a dormitory window. When Richmond tried to arrest the suspect, 21-year-old Brandon Lamar Jackson, of Georgia, a violent five-minute fight ensued.

Back-up finally arrived and officers were able to arrest the suspect but not before Richmond sustained a broken nose, fractured sinus cavity and several cuts and bruises. Other deputies sustained injuries and bite wounds as well. She posted pictures of herself and the description of the event on Facebook that has garnered national attention. She credits her combat training and her K-9 Dakota in keeping her and the suspect alive.

Jackson was transported to Weirton Medical Center and then to a Pittsburgh hospital due to his unknown behavior and for treatment of injuries. The incident remains under investigation with charges pending.