Bond was set Tuesday in a Belmont County courtroom for Tabitha Gallagher, the mother who was found in Pennsylvannia after being on the run with her family.

She faces up to 1 year in prison on an obstruction of justice charge.

Gallagher waived her right to a preliminary hearing in Western Division Court on Tuesday, and the matter was turned over to the Belmont County Common Pleas Court.

Judge Eric Costine set a $25,000 bond, agreed to first by prosecutor Kevin Flanagan.

If Gallagher makes bond, she is to have no contact with her children, or co-defendants in the case.

The two children are now in foster care.

The children’s father, Wesley Burdge, faces child pornography charges, among others, in the case.

A roommate, John Garwon, was arrested when detectives served a search warrant at a Flushing home on Oct. 11, while the family fled and was later found in Washington County, Pa, at a hotel.

The search involved the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshals and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Burdge is scheduled for a hearing next week.