An arrest was made yesterday, 4-and-a-half months after the body of a missing 14-year-old from Carroll County was found buried in a shallow grave on a farm in Washington Township.

Matthew Little was arrested yesterday afternoon after a grand jury indicted him on 15 criminal charges stemming from the death of Jonathan E. Minard.

Carroll County Sheriff Dale Williams said Minard was missing for 5 days before he was found.

In a press conference, prosecutors say the evidence shows Little unintentionally played a role in the death of Minard.

Little is being indicted for three counts of involuntary manslaughter of the first degree and accused with felonies of corrupting another with drugs.

Carroll County Prosecutor, Steve Barnett said Minard’s death occurred as a result of being furnished with a fentanyl related compound.

Reckless homicide is among the counts.

Indictments also involve tampering with evidence where it was alleged Little concealed Jonathan’s body where an investigation was likely about to commence. It is also alleged that Little failed to contact authorities upon the discovery of the deceased.