On the ballot, this upcoming election in Wells Township is two levies, one for the police department and the other for roads and bridges, both of which township trustees say are do or die.

The levies are to make up for the nearly $850,000 of lost taxes from the Cardinal Plant each and every year.

One of the two levies is a 3-mill levy that focuses on keeping police officers on the roads.

The second levy on the ballot is another 3-mill levy, this one for the bridges and roads in the township. If the levy is passed, residents can expect better travel conditions.

If not, the snow that falls this winter will likely not be plowed and icy streets won’t be treated.

Trustees say that for a home valued at $100,000, it would cost a mere $2.18 per week for each levy, a grand total for both levies of just under $270 a year.