Surveillance video caught two men destroying a Cameron sandwich shop before stealing an ATM.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is looking for two suspects involved in a breaking and entering at Mrs. D’s in Cameron.

Early on the morning of Nov. 6, two men in a stolen pickup truck traveled from Pennsylvania to Cameron with their sights set on the store on U.S. 250.

Surveillance video shows the truck backing into the door numerous times, before breaking through the foundation and allowing the suspects inside.

Marshall County Chief Deputy Bill Helms said the suspects threw a log chain around the ATM machine.

The truck was later found burned on the side of the road, but the suspects and the ATM were gone.

Deputies believe about $6,000, along with the cost of the machine, which is an additional $5,000. Plus, the owners estimate the damage to the store to be over $10,000.

If you have any information on either of these two suspects, you’re asked to reach out to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

Please Share 11-06-2019

Please shareThe following footage was obtained from Mrs D's near the intersection of 250 and 891. The vehicle fled into Pennsylvania. If you can identify either of the indivduals please contact the Marshall County Sheriffs Office tip line at 304.843.5422

Posted by Marshall County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, November 12, 2019