A resolution was introduced at last night’s Steubenville City Council meeting in which all 7 council members state their opposition to the proposed purchase of a landfill by a New York company on County Road 26.

The resolution will eventually make its way to the EPA and to other entities in the county.

There’s also a petition circulating for businesses to sign opposing the potential opening of the landfill.

For the resolution to be formally passed, it will be read at next week’s Monday council meeting.

Also at the council meeting, Water Superintendent James Jenkins reported on the water line break at Lawson and Orchard Avenues on Sunday that cut water off for residents in the Pleasant Heights area for 8 hours.

Crews ended up replacing the line and installed additional pipe, but their work isn’t done yet, some businesses along Market Street will also be impacted in the early evening as crews work to remove a 12 and 16 inch valve. Water is expected to be shut off temporarily around 4 or 5 p.m. this evening.