A civil case involving C&D Disposal Technologies Landfill will now require a visiting judge.

The proceedings regarding owner Joseph Scugoza stem back to 1999 and a new case was filed in 2019 after severe health violations.

 Judge Michelle Miller, after years overseeing the case, recused herself.

Crossridge Landfill has been facing decades of legal action stemming back to the 90s and starting again this year when they were caught illegally dumping leachate, a toxic substance, over a hillside.

The landfill was not in operation at the time but was forced to close completely and clean up. 

Attorney General David Yost’s Office said the landfill has a history of violations since 2003. In November, a scrap metal business owned by Joseph Scugoza was also shut down.

Judge Miller recused herself from the case as of Monday, the order filed yesterday. There’s no indication as to why she did so, other than the order stating to ‘avoid appearance of impropriety,’ but there is now a request for a visiting judge.

Scugoza must continue his debtor’s exam, but in the meantime, all other proceedings are halted and there’s no hint as to who will be taking over the case.