Wednesday Belmont County Commissioners approved the 2020 budget.

The county’s budget is $22.8 million, which is slightly up from last year.

However, some necessary cuts had to be made, with the commissioner’s office taking the largest percentage.

As far as expenditures, more money will be going to the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office: over $583,000 more than last year.

That increase is also due to the daily cost of housing inmates at other county jails, as commissioners work to figure out a long-term solution to the overcrowding issue.

In addition, commissioners had to make some cuts to other departments this year; taking away 10 percent for commissioners and 9.5 percent for the county recorder’s office. Those are the highest on the list.

Commissioners will be heavily focusing on the overcrowding issue at the Belmont County Jail this year to save money.