The Bridgeport School District continues to consider using eminent domain to build a new football field.

School officials are interested in purchasing a property next door, but it belongs to John Callarik who is refusing to sell. But according to the law, he may have no choice.

According to Ohio Revised Code, when it is necessary, any board of education can use eminent domain for several reasons including; “grounds to be used for agricultural purposes, athletic field or a playground for children.”

One of the properties being considered for the new football field is Chapter Square, located across the street from the Bridgeport School District. It’s owned John Callarik, 94, who has worked his entire life building up this property. It’s home to various businesses including a laundromat, a car wash and tanning salon.

In November, Callarik says Bridgeport Schools offered him $700,000 for a portion of the property, but he refuses to sell.

Ohio Revised Code says if the school district wants to use some of Callarik’s property to build a new football field out of a floodplain, it must pay him.

The school is looking into another property to see if it would be suitable for a football field.

There is no word on when a decision will be made.