Two dozen residents in Mingo Junction are having to find another way to get to their homes after the road they use has been flooded for more than a week.

Those living on Cool Springs Road in Mingo, several of them elderly, others with children, are looking for answers.

Buses can’t pick up children for school, mail can’t be delivered, and emergency vehicles can’t get through.

Some of the residents expressed concerns regarding emergencies. If a fire would happen or an ambulance would be needed, they wouldn’t be able to get to them.

According to Mingo Junction village officials, the road is outside their jurisdiction, so they cannot help. County commissioners say they don’t want to get involved if they aren’t asked. Steubenville Township trustees say their hands are tied as they await an answer as well.

Trustees say Norfolk Southern has said they’ll take care of the tunnel, though they didn’t say when.