A call for help was answered in Columbiana County Sunday but that help was sent to the wrong place.

It was a house fire on Wooster Street in East Liverpool.

Dispatchers had gotten an address of 1707 Lisbon Street and sent emergency help there — on the other side of town, seven minutes away from where the fire actually was on Wooster Street.

East Liverpool rang out a third alarm for the fire and firefighters were there in two minutes.

Badgely said she called 911 but because of the hills and three states being so close together, her call was answered out of state by Beaver Co. 911.

East Liverpool sent 14 firefighters to the scene and all of them were there within 11 minutes of the first call. All four people in the home had gotten out fine.

East Liverpool Fire Chief Bill Jones believes the fire was accidental and that it started in a second-floor bedroom.

He said he will talk to the 911 center Tuesday about where the confusion started with the incorrect address.