A private ambulance entity in Steubenville is asking the city for help when it comes to funding.

Ambulance Service Inc., also known as ASI, has been providing emergency transportation services in Steubenville for over 50 years, and they say it’s time for the city to step up when it comes to financing.

Rob D’Anniballe with Ambulance Service Inc. was front and center for yesterday’s Safety Committee meeting at Steubenville City Council.

Because ASI is a private entity the only revenue they make is through the billing of medical transportation, which is paid through Medicare or private insurance companies, Medicaid, and many cases, no payment at all due to poor demographics.

If council agrees to take this on, they would need to figure out how they can financially help, either through the general fund, providing labor or pursuing grant opportunities.

One thing both entities agreed is that they wouldn’t want to tax residents. Another safety committee meeting will be held Feb. 11 to further discuss the issue.