A Monroe County man has been arrested after embezzling thousands of dollars from Walmart in Moundsville.

For almost four months, employee Kenneth Werkau is alleged to have taken money and gift cards from the cash register in the electronics department. Everything together added up to a big number — $128,000.

According to a police report, over that period of time, Werkau was observed ringing up numerous gift cards without paying for them. Werkau was confronted, and even found with unpaid for gift cards in his pockets by officers on Jan. 16. He was terminated that night.

Originally, he told police the money was for paying bills and other financial problems.

Lt. Steve Kosek of the Moundsville Police Department said he was actually being scammed by a person named Paulinia who claimed she lived in Belgium.

Kosek says Werkau will be in court at some point in the near future while Moundsville police continue their investigation.

Werkau turned himself into Moundsville police on Monday and was able to bond out of jail.