A mild winter means salt savings and less overtime for ODOT workers.It also means an allocation of work.

Belmont County Highway Technician Josh Lusyster said this time of year means working long hours to clear the streets of snow and ice.

The Ohio Valley has seen lower than average snowfall from October through January.

Belmont County still has plenty of salt.

ODOT Belmont County Manager Dave Shafer said they’ve used approximately 1,000 tons in the county itself, and statewide, they’ve saved up to $43 million to this point.

In terms of mileage, ODOT drivers throughout the state are driving 51 percent less compared to last winter. They’ve only been behind the wheel for a total of 384,000 hours.

That’s about 250 hours less than last year.

That’s less overtime for drivers and big savings for ODOT, which is reinvesting the money into roads and bridges for maintenance projects.

Schafer says the winter season isn’t over yet — and if a major snowfall takes place, they are ready.