Ohio County Schools are researching the effects of a possible change to the day’s start time in an attempt to let kids get more sleep.

The start time for Wheeling Park High School students is 7:25 a.m., but some have to get moving way earlier than that. According to the sleep foundation, teenagers need about 8-to-10 hours of sleep to function best, and many are not getting that amount, which can show in the classroom.

Officials don’t know yet if the day would just slide back by a half hour, or classes would shave a few minutes off.

And when it comes to transportation, the district would likely need to add drivers and buses to cover all the routes.

This topic was brought up in a recent work session and prompted many questions from members of the board and staff.

There’s no timetable as to when, or if, this could happen, but Susan Nolte, Ohio County Schools human resource director, says the staff will continue to look into more research to see if changing that start time would be worth it.