Suspects from two 2017 cases are back in Ohio to learn the charges they face.

One case involves an alleged carjacking; the other involves aggravated robbery.

Todd Boyes has a criminal history in Kanawha County, where he’s currently serving time for leading police on a chase and escaping from the South Central Regional Jail in 2017.

Before those crimes took place, prosecutor Dan Fry says Boyes carjacked someone at gunpoint in Belmont County.

He was apprehended in Texas trying to cross the river into Mexico after escaping.

Now he’s back in Belmont County facing charges of aggravated robbery with a gun specification, which has a maximum sentence of 14 years. His arraignment was rescheduled.

Next, in an unrelated case, Jared Lachance, of Pennsylvania, was arraigned on an aggravated robbery charge in connection to a 2017 robbery at the Bridgeport Exxon gas station.

Lachance was arrested in West Virginia after a chase through Benwood.

He was just released from federal prison. Now, he’s in the Belmont County Jail on $20,000 bond.