A long-anticipated water project is moving forward, but with it come some big rate increases. A water system update in New Cumberland has been in the works since 2014.

Upgrades are coming in the form of new and upgraded water tanks, lines, valves, and a new billing system. The project coming in at $3,462,000. Plans for the project began six years ago, but the logistics in regards to water rate increases caused some concerns among residents, including what they are getting for their money.

Rates will increase approximately 70 percent, according to Councilman Will White. The minimum for 2,000 gallons will be $24.88 per month. The rate for resale is $3.05 per 1,000 gallons used per month.

These increases are to pay for the project. While a $715,000 grant will help with costs, a $2,747,000 loan at 2.7% will be paid out over 40 years.

A concern was raised over whether these rates would increase again if population decreases within those 40 years.

Changes coming include two new tanks, in addition to a 500,000 gallon tank repair, and another 300,000 gallon tank replacement. The new tank system will be paired with a radio-read meter system to help with billing.

The rates will go to state public service commission for review and then out for bid. Work is expected to begin in the summer and that is when residents can expect to see the rate increases.