It’s been almost a year since Marshall County officials declared a state of emergency when it comes to road conditions.

While some help has come along, there’s still a lot of work that’s needed.

Delegate Lisa Zukoff spent much of the legislative session pushing for funding for secondary roads.

To her dismay, nothing came to light, and roads in the Northern Panhandle continue to crumble.

The Roads to Prosperity program has brought numerous projects to the area — 17, according to the governor’s office.

But there are still many issues when it comes to secondary roads.

This session, Zukoff pushed for extra funding for those road projects.

She hoped to see additional funding for general road maintenance, like ditching, added to the budget, but that didn’t get voted through.

A bill was also pitched to take up a formula where heavy truck traffic was considered, but that didn’t make it out of committees.

Now, Zukoff is hoping to see a change when it comes to bonding. While roads are getting fixed, Zukoff would like to see the process be a bit more methodical.

Until then, she suggests continuing to call local delegates.