After weeks of talk to raise the salary for entry-level firefighters to compete with surrounding departments, a decision will now be made following three readings of an ordinance to amend the current table of organization.

One councilman already against the idea is Bob Villamagna. He says he understands the needs of the fire chief but says it wouldn’t be fair to other departments if they made pay changes outside of contract negotiations — which are set to take place at the end of the year.

Villamagna adds that if this wouldn’t be agreed upon, perhaps the veteran employees could give up some of their pay to new hires, so no changes need made to the budget before a new contract is decided on.

On another topic, it was discussed Tuesday night that Judge Mascio is not in favor of moving his municipal court to the justice center– which was previously brought up by council.

That means the city needs to get plans under way to repair the roof inside this space along with work on security upgrades.

Finance Director Dave Lewis says to help with the cost of these projects; some money could come out of the Judge’s municipal court improvement fund.