This week, 50 professional and service staff members at Brooke County Schools will receive a Reduction in Force notice, telling them their job will no longer exist.

According to sources, 20 professional positions, which include teachers and administrators, were given notice that their positions would no longer exist beginning July 1.

Another 30 service positions, including cafeteria staff, custodians, maintenance workers and teacher aides, were also given the notice.

School officials say the cuts are just part of the district’s move to help appease the state, which said the district was overstaffed by 80 employees.

Also announced, the school is planning to cut the cosmetology and the computer technology programs.

District officials also confirmed earlier this week that they plan on not paying out the $2,500 stipend to teachers that was due in May.

The stipend was part of a levy that will cost the district $3.2 million.