Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced on Monday that Ohio students will continue to attend schools remotely for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

The governor expressed his concerns about children with special needs and health challenges. He said we must find a way to protect these children with those “unique health challenges.”

He also spoke of concern for kids with limited or no internet access, and children who do not have supportive home lives.

Ohio schools have been operating remotely since March 17.

DeWine said no decisions have been made for the fall semester, but there is discussion that a blended system could be put into place, where there is a combination of learning in the classrooms and also distance learning.

“We made no decision about the fall yet,” DeWine said. “We are going to have to see where we are going. I know that parents teachers administrators are anxious about the fall, but we simply are not in a position yet to make that decision.”