Some Ohio Valley patients will no longer have to wait days to know the results of their COVID-19 test.

Trinity Health System began in-house testing Monday.

It’s possible because of a partnership with Franciscan University of Steubenville.

The tests will only be available to patients who meet criteria established by the Ohio Department of Health.

Trinity Health System patients will no longer have to wait days for their COVID-19 samples to be processed at a lab in Pittsburgh. Thanks to a partnership with Franciscan University of Steubenville, the lab at Trinity’s west campus will get the job done.

Dr. Dan Kuebler, dean of the school of natural and applied sciences at Franciscan, said the university was able to offer some equipment because it’s not in use on campus right now. This equipment and expertise given allowed them to validate the test within just a few hours and give a same day turnaround

Trinity Health System said it expects it will initially be able to process about 20 to 30 tests per day in that quick manner.

And while the number of samples taken per day varies, that’s about how many tests per day they’re already used to administering. At some point, they may be able to process 48 samples per day.

“Depending on the volume, we can run 12 specimens at one time, but we are hoping that we can keep up with the demand of our community and we should have all of the results within 24 hours,” said Dr. Himanshu Doshi, chairman and medical director, Trinity Health System.

“We can meet the demands of our community, but outside to do the testing for other hospitals, we don’t know,” Doshi said.

Dr. Doshi said Trinity’s patients’ tests will have priority before they begin running other tests from other hospitals. He and his team reminded us this is all just starting, so it’s very fluid.