Ohio 149 in Stewartsville closed Friday for four months.

After a large push from residents, an alternative route will re-open.

Crews are constructing a temporary bridge across Bull Run Road as it will become an unofficial detour.

Dirt is being moved in several places along bull run road in preparation.

“There has been a lot of damage from the flooding over the last year, so we’re in the process of getting that repaired,” Richland Township Trustee Chairman Rick Ferrell said.

Richland Township Trustees made the decision to re-open and are in the process of cleaning up the roadway.

While, a little further down, the county engineer’s office is working near the creek.

“The county engineer agreed to put in a temporary bridge so we could work in getting that back up during the course of construction where that road closure is affecting residents.”

“I’m glad, I’m glad they are doing it,” she said. “The people of Stewartsville have all tried hard for a good while now to get something done and I think they finally listened.”

Bond joined more a dozen of her neighbors last week in asking state and local leaders for another way to get around the closure.

There’s already an official detour in place, but now, residents and first responders will have another access road.

Bull run road is expected to re-open next week. Once it does, drivers are urged to use caution during wet weather.