As the state begins to re-open, the Belmont County Health Department is reporting more than 300 positive COVID-19 cases.

However, recoveries are rising as well.

Health department commissioner Rob Sproul says of those, seven have died, nine have been hospitalized, and 123 are out of quarantine.

A majority of those are within the prison system.

According to the Ohio Department of Correction and Rehabilitation website, at Belmont Correctional Institution, 46 staff members and 76 inmates have tested positive, while four staff members and 43 inmates have recovered.

Ohio prisons are following guidance provided by the Ohio Department of Health.

He believes numbers will continue to go up as the state re-opens, and he says the majority will recover.

Even as retail and dining re-open, schools are advised to hold virtual or drive-through graduation ceremonies to prevent the spread. And when you’re out and about, a mask is recommended.

In Ohio, hair and nail salons re-open on Friday, along with outdoor dining.

Sproul urges everyone to continue following the recommended guidelines.