As the State of Ohio continues to re-open, the Steubenville City Building will remain closed to the public for a few more weeks.

City Manager Jim Mavromatis says that when the city building does re-open to the public, some changes will be put in place. As of now, the new re-opening date is June 22.

“The reason we have put a little bit longer is because we’re waiting for the governor to change some of the rulings on the number of people we can have in this building at one time and congregating together,” said Mavromatis

And the same guidelines of only 10 people in one space will be followed when it comes to the city council meetings, as well. That is why in-person meetings won’t happen until at least June 23. But Mavromatis adds that when the city building does re-open, visitors must abide by some rules.

“It will be different,” he said. They will follow our distancing policies that we have here. They may have to wear a mask when they come in. If they don’t have one, we’ll provide one because what it’s doing is protecting our people from outside influences.”

One guideline that will be in place is that when you enter the building you must sign in with the date, your name and number and who you were visiting in the building.

The purpose of this is so the city can trace who you were in contact with, if need be.