A former nursing assistant pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court to murder and assault charges in the deaths of eight veterans at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

The information comes from U.S. Attorney Bill Powell. According to Powell’s office, 46-year-old Reta Mays of Harrison County, West Virginia, pled guilty yesterday to seven counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of seven veterans. She also pled guilty to one count of “assault with intent to commit murder” involving the death of another veteran.

Powell said Mays was a nursing assistant at the VAMC. She worked the night shift during the same period of time the veterans in her care died of hypoglycemia while being treated at the hospital. Nursing assistants at VAMC are not qualified or authorized to administer any medication to patients, including insulin. According to Powell, Mays admitted to administering insulin to several patients with the intent to cause their deaths. By pleading guilty to seven counts of murder, Reta Mays will get a life sentence for each count, plus 20-years. Because the federal system has no parole, she’ll likely spend the remainder of her life in federal prison.