Two early morning shootings in Steubenville occurred yesterday to a community already grieving the loss of a 24-year-old girl to another shooting that happened over the weekend.

The first incident took place on the 1200 block on Pennsylvania Avenue, where one individual was struck by gunfire with non-life-threatening injuries, according to officials.

Police are working to track leads down connected to this shooting.

The second shots fired incident took place in the south end of town at the intersection of 5th and 6th streets less than an hour later. No one was struck by gunfire in this incident.

However, an officer was injured and is currently being checked out.

One man, who had an outstanding warrant, was apprehended at the scene.

Later in the day, police arrested a man in connection with the shooting on 6th street, tracking him down at a hotel in Weirton.

While the two shootings are not believed to be connected officials need your help. Anyone with information about any Steubenville shooting is asked to come forward.