The West Virginia Department of Education has released a new COVID-19 map for West Virginia, showing Ohio and Brooke county have been moved from green to yellow.

A recently released color-coding system for West Virginia public schools to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic is being tweaked to focus more on community spread.

The model will use four colors to classify the status of each county’s school system.

The colors range from minimal community transmission in green, moderate transmission in yellow, higher transmission in orange and substantial transmission in red.

According to the WV DOE, Counties in the yellow will have local education leaders work with county health departments to determine increased mitigation measures such as:

  • Required masks for grades 3 and above in congregant settings where social distancing is limited
  • Increased hand washing and hygiene protocols.
  • Increased student cohorting by limiting exposure outside of core groups.
  • Limiting activities where social distancing is not feasible.
  • Increased community engagement to prevent escalation of disease

Currently only one county in West Virginia is under Red status and that is Logan County.

Four counties currently operate in Orange: Boone, Lincoln, Mingo and Taylor.

The color is based on the seven-day average of new daily cases per 100,000 population.