One man was shot and is hospitalized after an attempted assault on New Philadelphia police officers yesterday.

According to Chief Michael Goodwin, New Philadelphia police officers first responded to an apartment on North Broadway after a woman called saying her son had locked her out.

The scene quickly escalated, and the man inside allegedly attempted to attack officers with a hatchet and a gun was fired.

The chain of events started at Atwood Terrace Appartments when the 32-year-old man wouldn’t let officers inside. When they tried to enter, the man was wielding a hatchet, so they retreated. The man followed them outside and attempted to assault the officers. In an attempt to stop him, on officer fired his gun, causing the armed man to drop to the ground.

Once he was secured, first aid was immediately performed until paramedics arrived.

He was first taken to a local hospital before being flown to Akron, where he’s believed to be in stable condition.

As for the police officer who fired the gun, he is on administrative leave until next week.

And because this is an officer-involved incident, the investigation in being handled entirely by Ohio BCI.