Two cases of child battery in Jefferson County have left the sheriff in tears.

Two infant children were allegedly beaten by their parents, both cases within 4 days of each other.

A 4-month-old who ended up in a Pittsburgh area hospital and a 4-week-old-found with bruises all over their face and legs are now in the custody of others after Child Protective Services and the sheriff’s department in Jefferson County got involved.

Sheriff Fred Abdalla explained in the first case, the child was allegedly thrown down the stairs by the mother.

A neighbor called 911 after hearing commotion next door. When deputies went into the home, they found the baby battered and bruised. It was determined that child had multiple fractures, a brain bleed and fractured ribs.

In the second case, a child was noticed by a bystander with unexplainable bruises. It was later determined that in just its 1 month of life, there are multiple fractures to the body at different healing rates.

Sloane Kinsey, the mother, was arrested in case of the 4-month-old child being thrown down the stairs, and as of now, she is charged with child endangerment.

Andrew Vogel and Ashley Dobbs, both parents, were arrested in the case of the 4-week-old child.

The two cases were not related, but according to Abdalla, they happened within 4 days of one another and they’ve had enough.

If you see something or hear something, call the sheriff’s department — and do not wait.