Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said that human error may have caused Walgreens to administer compromised vaccines to five long-term facilities in the state.  

During his briefing Thursday, DeWine stated Walgreens did not keep the doses under proper cold storage conditions, leading to the compromised vaccinations. 

The facilities affected include: Ashtabula Co Residential Services Corp “The Maples” in Kingsville, Ashtabula Towers in Ashtabula, Heather Hill Care Communities in Chardon, Six Chimneys om East Cleveland, and Willow Park Convalescent Home in Cleveland.

Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, Chief Medical Officer with the Ohio Department of Health, said Walgreens will be working with the CDC, and officials with the long-term facilities to determine those who were affected.  

“This is really an issue about taking every step that we can to ensure that whenever a person gets a vaccine, they’re getting a vaccine that will work,” said Vanderhoff. 

But Vanderhoff stressed there is not an issue with any known harm to the individuals.

DeWine said the those affected will be revaccinated.