A man was found dead in a Wheeling Island home early Thursday morning.

Around 6:30 a.m. police were called to a house on North Broadway Street for an initial medical emergency. The person involved was taken to the hospital, where they later were pronounced dead.

Based on a mobile fingerprint scan, investigators have determined the deceased in 36-year-old Zackory J. Sadler of Donora, PA. They say Sadler was wanted out of Washington County for two shootings that took place last month

His wounds were not life-threatening.

Sadler’s body will be taken to the West Virginia Medical Examiner’s office in Charleston, W.Va. The medical examiner’s office will determine a manner and cause of death. Based on Wheeling PD’s initial findings, there were no apparent external injuries to Sadler’s body.

Wheeling Police will investigate Sadler’s death. Washington, Pennsylvania Police are the lead investigators regarding his initial wanted status.

Authorities say they anticipate making more arrests of the people who harbored him.