A Martins Ferry man is behind bars facing several felony charges.
Martins Ferry Police say they responded to a report of a stolen car in the area around North Seabrights Lane around 8:00 last night.
According to police, Zachariah Alan Roeder, 24, was sitting in the stolen car which was left unlocked with the keys in it.
Police say Roeder took off and ran about 10 blocks, with no shoes on.
Police say he then got into another car in the St. Myer’s Apartments area, which was left unlocked with the keys in it as well.
Roeder reportedly took that car and led police on a short chase before he jumped out of the car near Ohio Avenue and North 8th Street. The car eventually hit a utility pole.
Roeder was arrested on several charges, including grand theft auto, and taken to Belmont County Jail.