Candidates for Belmont County Commissioner gathered at Ohio University Eastern for for an organized debate. Residents heard from candidates before they head to the polls.
Each candidate, Jerry Echman, Mike Bianconi, Angela Hatfield and Chris Gagin, were asked about funding for roads in Belmont Co., a top issue in this race for Belmont Co Commissioner.
Candidate Jerry Echman:

Former Commissioner Mike Bianconi remarked on the last time in which license plate fees has been increased, which are used to fund the roads:

Candidate Chris Gagin didn’t agree:

Candidate Angela Hatfield looked to what funded the road a decade ago:

Each candidate was also asked about a recent quote by County Commissioner Mark Thomas, with candidates Hatfield and Echman wanting to look deeper into the county’s spending, Bianconi questioning the openness of the Commissioner’s meetings, and Gagin questioning Mark Thomas himself: