A group of PEIA Task Force members are starting to look at the insurance plan itself — what’s covered, what ought to be covered and what, if anything, should be scaled back.
The coverage and plan subcommittee, which met yesterday afternoon at the WV state capital, started trying to wrap its arms around the Public Employees Insurance Agency.
The meetings are a response to teachers and public employees’ strike earlier in the year.
They also talked about what coverage should be available across West Virginia’s borders, and economic issues such as reimbursement rates for providers, with the director of the West Virginia Hospital Association saying hospitals probably can’t absorb another rate reduction.
Rob Alsop, a West Virginia University vice president who led Wednesday’s meeting, said the task force will need to take what it hears from the public and run it past PEIA to start thinking about adjustments.

The PEIA Task Force has been having a series of public meetings across the state.
More information about what the task force is doing is available at peiataskforce.wv.gov.