The public outreach subcommittee of the Public Employees Insurance Agency Task Force in charge of conducting public hearings on a proposed fix for the program will hold its last hearing this evening at the state Culture Center in Charleston at 6:30.

The creation of the PEIA Task Force was a key ingredient in the ending of the nine-day strike by education workers earlier this year.

State Senate President, subcommittee member, Mitch Carmichael has crisscrossed the state with other members conducting nearly two dozen public hearings.

Carmichael said at many of those hearings, state workers have proposed ways to pay for the increasing cost of health care through PEIA, and after the conclusion of these hearings, all suggestions would be considered.

The public outreach subcommittee will relay the feedback received at these meetings to the larger task force, which Gov. Jim Justice established to find a long-term solution to the issues facing PEIA.

If you wish to submit feedback, you can do so here: