Monetary help for counties in Ohio that saw severe flooding earlier this year is on its way.

Governor Kasich signed Senate Bill 299 into law on Wednesday, which includes more than $7 million that will help counties in southeast Ohio secure disaster relief funding.

That money will also help Belmont County, which has been working to receive that funding.

Since those disasters caused flooding across Belmont County, officials have been trying to find money for FEMA match funds in the budget because the agency only pays 75 percent of the money.

For Belmont County, that’s around $760,000

Once the match funds are paid and FEMA money is available, they’ll repair county roads damaged by slips and slides.

This FEMA money won’t cover all of the damage. Belmont County also is looking for more funding from federal highways, which has a similar set-up to FEMA, paying 80% of the money.

Both Thomas and Lively said once work begins, these FEMA funds will benefit the entire county, because damage was widespread.