A Belmont County man accused of shooting and killing his wife entered his plea in court on Thursday morning.

Rudolph Galberth had charges of aggravated murder brought against him in front of a grand jury last week. Thursday morning, he was arraigned on those charges.

Belmont County Judge John Vavra explained a conviction could mean life in prison.

Galberth is being held on $1 million bond, after allegedly shooting and killing Amy Butler on June 14.

Butler was found dead in her neighbor’s driveway with multiple gunshot wounds.

On top of the murder charge, Galberth is facing weapons under disability. He was prohibited from having a gun because of a previous felony.

Galberth pleaded not guilty. If he stands by that plea, the case will go to trial, and if he’s found guilty of both charges, Galberth would likely see a lifetime sentence that does not include parole.

Trial is set for Sept. 5.