In just a few days the Franklin County Board of Elections will certify the final vote totals for the 12th Congressional District Special Election and a winner will be named.

That is if the total vote difference isn’t one half of one percent; if that’s the case and automatic recount is conducted.

Monday, two of the seven counties finalized their total vote counts and sent them to Franklin County.

In Delaware County Republican candidate Troy Balderson picked up and additional 826 votes from absentee and provisional ballots, while Democrat Danny O’Connor added 674 votes.

Muskingum County, home to Troy Balderson, turned in their final numbers as well with the Republican picking up 95 more votes than the Democrat.

The votes from Delaware and Muskingum County extend Balderson’s lead over O’Connor to 1,781 votes.

Franklin and Licking Counties are expected to certify their results on Friday, with Richland, Morrow, and Marion Counties finalizing their counts in the days before.

Mathematically, it is almost impossible for O’Connor to win this election, but the fact that it is this close is a victory for the Democrat who will now be able to refocus efforts toward winning the election this November.

Because this was a special election only meant to fill the seat until the end of the year, the same two candidates will now have to wage another campaign to get their voters to the polls again this fall when the mid-term or Gubernatorial Election will be held.

Whoever wins the election in November will serve as the districts representative in Washington D.C. for the next two years.