St. Clairsville Schools dismissed two hours early yesterday and they’ll do it again today.

Officials say it’s so hot, it’s not conducive to learning.

St. Clairsville’s connector building, built in 2002, has air conditioning.

But the rest of the classrooms, built 50 to 100 years ago, are sweltering, and they can’t put in window units. And in these days of tight security, they can’t prop open the doors and windows.

At the Belmont County Fair, Leroy Carpenter, The Belmont County Fair’s livestock superintendent says the heat is the worst he’s ever seen on fair week, and he’s worried.

All the animals are in the livestock barns, out of the direct sun, and with some air flow. He says the animals most susceptible to heat exhaustion are the hogs. Some could be seen panting heavily.

Some of the owners were cooling them off with water.