Two women were allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint in Belmont County.

It started in Dillonvale and crossed over into Martins Ferry.

Police said the women picked up two hitchhikers and took them to McDonald’s in Martins Ferry, and then the male hitchhiker grabbed the female driver from the backseat and put a handgun to her head. Once they got to a dark, secluded area, they made the two females exit the vehicle, opened up the trunk, and put both of them inside.

The women waited until the car was stopped before using the emergency trunk button and escaped and notified authorities.

Meanwhile, the alleged hitchhikers were found near Pacoma Road – 23-year-old Jordan Baker of Indianapolis, Ind., and 29-year-old Tia Benson of Steubenville.

They face abduction, kidnapping, robbery, theft and aggravated robbery charges.