The Jefferson County Airpark was once an Army surplus hangar with a private dirt runway, but it is now bringing an economic boost to the county.

Brandon Reese, president of the Jefferson County Airport Authority says that just over $16 million has been invested into the airpark, most of that came from state and federal grants, the remaining just under $4 million has been invested by the county.

The airpark has also received more than $760,000 from oil and gas royalty checks.

The airpark now has two jets at their disposal where before there were none, with one more on the way.

They also extended the runway by 5,000 feet to accommodate newer airplanes.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Jefferson County Airpark had a total impact of $8.1 million in 2014 with 66 support jobs.

Future projects include improvements to the taxiway and installation of automated weather equipment.