Steubenville Police were called on Saturday on a man said to have been begging for money outside of the Maryland Market in Steubenville.

When police arrived, the man, Terald Herring, was arrested and taken to the Jefferson County Jail.

Police said nurses at the jail asked for Herring to be taken to the hospital because he was intoxicated and injured.

According to the police report, Herring then attempted to jump out of the ambulance.

When police arrived on scene again, they put him in handcuffs and took him to Trinity West.

During the process, a knife fell out of Herring’s pant leg. He also made threats to the officers while he was in the ER.

Herring, 42, faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon, retaliation, disorderly conduct at an emergency room, contempt of court, and resisting arrest.

He was booked in the Jefferson County Jail, and is scheduled to be in court on Tuesday.