Toni Paesano-Shute is no longer the superintendent of Brooke County Schools.

Last night, the Brooke County Board of Education announced that Shute submitted a letter of resignation and that they accepted it.

They are looking into Superintendent Toni Paesano Shute’s actions while dealing with bullying throughout the school system.

Additionally, there was an incident between Shute and Brooke County Board of Education member, Stacy Hooper, who is also a special ed teacher in Marshall County.

Hooper said that Shute got the West Virginia State Board of Education to access all of her emails from her K-12 file in Marshall County, deleted and otherwise.

Shute does not have any right to do that for any employees other than those in her own county.

Dr. Theodore Pauls, President of the Brooke County Board of Education, said that a discussion regarding the search for an interim superintendent is on the agenda for Monday’s meeting. He added that the board will likely go into executive session at that meeting to discuss possible replacements for Toni Shute.