Lawmakers are working fast to pass dozens of bills, as the Legislative Session will end Saturday night.

But it’s clear all of their work will not get done by that deadline, including the five-percent pay raise promised to state employees and education workers.

Governor Justice is calling a Special Session to deal with education reform issues. The discussion may well include controversial items such as charter schools and education savings accounts, which brought teachers to the capitol in February for a two-day strike.

Right now there is a push to vote on all of those items as stand-alone bills, and not bundle them together in one massive bill as was done earlier in this session. That previous education reform bill passed the Senate, but failed in the House of Delegates. There is strong bi-partisan support for passing the five- percent pay raise.

Special Sessions cost taxpayers approximate $40,000 per day.

No date has been set for the Special Session yet. There has been talk that Delegates and Senators should go home for a month or so and get input from constituents, so they can come back and make more informed votes.