Month: June 2019

ODNR Takes Responsibility for Acid Mine Drainage in Bridgeport House

In Bridgeport, a woman who is afraid of losing her home, gets good news. The Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources is fixing the problem. Marlene Wilson’s water damage has gotten progressively worse since March, in basement of her Kennon Street home. ODNR investigated, at first saying an old cistern was to blame, but they have since then determined the water is indicative of acid-mine drainage. According to a letter from ODNR, the water has very high levels of iron, aluminum, and manganese, as well as...

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Suspect Arrested After Shots Fired Incident in Steubenville

A man is behind bars after an investigation of a shots fired incident in Steubenville Friday night. 22-year-old Ja’Martay Wise was arrested during a traffic stop after a warrant had been served. A residence along South 5th Street was also searched, and turned up additional evidence. He was arrested in connection with that crime and charged with possession of crack cocaine, felonious assault, and gun violations. The investigation is ongoing, but Wise is behind...

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Two Men Arraigned for Drug Charges Today

A Wheeling man is in jail after being picked up on several charges. Jeremy Evans was wanted by the Wheeling police for a prior robbery. He was arrested yesterday, after a man called police saying Evans would not leave his home.When police arrived, Evans gave a false name and date of birth. He was arrested for trespassing and obstructing. When he was searched, officers also found methamphetamine. A man wanted in Belmont County was arrested in Ohio County Monday. Christopher Endicott was arrested for drug possession, and then didn’t show up for his review in May. He was arraigned...

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Belmont Co. Auditor Dies at 66

Sad news out of Belmont County as Auditor Roger Conroy passed away early Tuesday morning, June 18th, at the age of 66. Conroy became Belmont County auditor in 2017 after working in the County Office for 17 years. Before that, he worked for the Ohio State Auditor. Sheila Turner was appointed interim auditor. The Democratic Central Committee will choose an official replacement in the next few...

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Jefferson Co. to have free HIV/AIDS Testing

A new type of testing will soon be available for residents in Jefferson County. The Jefferson County Board of Health meeting announced that starting in September, the Jefferson County Health Department will be providing free HIV/AIDS testing for those at risk in Jefferson County. The health department will be trained in August to do the testing, and will start services shortly after. The state will also provide free medication for those who test positive. Anybody who is at high risk will be able to qualify for testing after they go to the health department and answer some questions about...

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