Interstate 70 is probably the most traveled road in Ohio County, and according to Sheriff Tom Howard, it’s also the most dangerous. So, him and his staff are looking at different ways to make it safer for everyone.

There have been over 60 accidents this year on this stretch of I-70, called “2-mile hill.”

The goal is to make drivers more aware of the dangers; a steep grade and a sharp turn.

Howard has applied for grants for electronic signage, to warn drivers to slow down, and he’s looked into new ways to line the roadway in case a vehicle loses control.

Changing speed limits has also been discussed, though Howard thinks that could cause even more issues.

While his office has upped patrols in the area, it’s a tough spot to deal with, because it’s not safe to park a cruiser or pull over another car on that stretch.

The sheriff has talked with Senator Bill Ihlenfeld and Congressman David McKinley to get federal help for the highway, and he hopes this communication can get him the help he wants to prevent more wrecks and fatalities in the area.