A Wheeling police officer is recovering after being attacked by a dog on a possible domestic incident call Wednesday night.

To protect himself, the officer shot the dog.

When he couldn’t locate the person he was looking for, the officer knocked on the door of the neighbor’s house to see if they knew of anything.

According to Deputy Chief Martin Kimball of the Wheeling Police Department, a dog came at the officer, biting him multiple times — and the officer eventually shot it.

Katrina Ashby, whose family owned the dog, said no one actually saw what happened because they were in the next room over.

There is body cam video that is not being released to the public by the department. Kimball says it supports the officer’s account.

The family hopes to see it so they can get some closure as to what exactly happened. As for that original domestic dispute, Kimball says they’re still looking for the alleged victim.